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1.(2020·新课标I卷语法填空)Chinese researchers hope to use the instruments onboard Chang’e-4 66. (find) and study areas of the South Pole-Aitken basin.
【答案】to find
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:中国的研究者希望使用嫦娥四号上的设备来发现和研究南极艾特肯盆地。此处表示目的,应使用不定式作目的状语。故填to find。
2.((2020·新课标I卷短文改错))I like eating frying tomatoes with eggs, and I thought it must to be easy to cook.
3. (2020·新课标I卷短文改错)My mom told me how to preparing it
4.(2020·新课标II卷语法填空)They represent the earth 63. (come) back to life and best wishes for new beginnings.
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:它们代表着大地的复苏和对新开端的美好祝愿。句中谓语动词为represent,所以这里为非谓语动词。名词earth与come back to之间为主动关系,所以用现在分词作后置定语。故填coming。
5. (2020·新课标II卷语法填空)They make great gifs and you see them many times 65.(decorate) with red envelopes and messages of good fortune.
【答案】 decorated
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:它们是很好的礼物,你会经常看到它们装饰着红包和好运的信息。句中them指代前句中的orange trees,与decorate之间为被动关系,所以用过去分词作宾语补足语。故填decorated。
6. (2020·新课标II卷语法填空)They are easy 68. (care) for and make great presents.
【答案】to care。
考查非谓语动词。句意:它们很容易照顾,也很适合作为礼物。这里考查“be +形容词 + to do”结构。故填to care。
7. (2020·新课标III卷语法填空)The next morning he hired a boat and set out 67. (find) the well-known painter.
【答案】 to find
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:第二天早上,他租了一条船,出发去找这位著名的画家。结合句意表示“出发去做某事”短语为set out to do sth.,后跟不定式做目的状语。故填to find。
8.(2020·新课标III卷语法填空)And when he saw the mists rising from the river and the soft clouds69. (surround) the mountain tops, he was reduced to tears.
【答案】 surrounding
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:当他看到雾气从河上升起,山顶上乌云环绕,他不禁流下了眼泪。分析句子结构可知,the soft clouds 69 (surround) the mountain tops是独立主格结构做状语,surround在句中应用非谓语动词形式,与逻辑主语clouds构成主动关系,故应用现在分词。故填surrounding。
9.(2020·山东新高考语法填空) As well as looking at exhibits, visitors can play with computer simulations (模拟) and imagine themselves (they) living at a different time in history or 43.(walk)through a rainforest.
【答案】 walking
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:除了观赏展品,游客还可以玩电脑模拟游戏,想象自己生活在一个不同的历史时期,或者漫步在热带雨林中。此处与living是并列成分,共同做imagine的宾补,imagine sb doing sth. “想象某人做某事”。故填walking。
10. (2020·浙江卷语法填空) Agriculture gave people their first experience of the power of technology60.(change)lives.
【答案】 to change
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:农业让人们第一次体验到技术改变生活的力量。分析句子,简单句中已有动词gave故提示词部分需用非谓语动词。分析句意,此处需用不定式表示目的。故填to change。
11.(2020·浙江卷语法填空)Later,they learned to work with the seasons (season),planting at the right time and,in dry areas,63. (make)use of annual floods to irrigate(灌溉)their fields.
【答案】 making
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:后来,他们学会了因地制宜,在适当的时间播种,在干旱地区,利用每年的洪水来灌溉农田。分析句子,make所处的分句中无主语,故此处需用非谓语动词。make use of和逻辑主语they之间表示“主动”关系。所以此处用现在分词形式(doing)形式做状语。故填making。
12. (2020·江苏卷)Technological innovations, ____ good marketing, will promote the sales of these products.
A. combined withB. combining withC. having combined withD. to be combined with
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:技术创新与良好的市场营销相结合,将促进这些产品的销售。此处是短语:be combined with“与……结合/联合”,本句中省略be动词,使用过去分词做状语。故选A。
13.(2020·(天津卷)英语笔试(第一次))___________in 1931, the Empire State Building, the highest skyscraper until 1954, inspired the imagination of the world.
A.Having completedB.Being completed
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:1931年完工的帝国大厦是1954年之前最高的摩天大楼,它激发了全世界的想象力。句中谓语动词是inspired,此处用非谓语动词。主语the Empire State Building和动词complete是被动关系,用过去分词作状语。A项是现在分词的完成式,不表被动。B项是doing的被动式。故选C。
14.(2020·(天津卷)英语笔试(第一次))The local government doesn't have to sacrifice environmental protection ____________ economic growth.
A.to be promotedB.being promotedC.promotingD.to promote
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:地方政府不必为了促进经济增长而牺牲环境保护。通过分析句子成分并翻译语境可知,句中存在谓语doesn't have to sacrifice,空中需使用非谓语动词且表示目的性关系,因此使用动词不定式形式。故选D项。
15.(2020·(天津卷)英语笔试(第二次))______ us prepare for the exam, the teacher suggested reading through our notes.
A.To helpB.HelpedC.HelpingD.Being helped
1.【2019·江苏卷·单项填空】 30.__________ the convenience of digital payment, many senior citizens started to use smart phones.
A. To enjoy B. Enjoying
C. To have enjoyed D. Enjoy
2.【2019·天津卷·单项填空】4.____________ to think critically is an important skill today's children will need for the future.
A. LearnB. Learned
C. LearningD. Having learned
3.【2019·江苏卷·单项填空】 32.China's image is improving steadily, with more countries__________ its role in international affairs.
A. recognizingB. being recognizedC. to be recognizedD. recognized
【解析】考查with复合结构。句意:中国的形象正在稳步提升,更多的国家认识到中国在国际事务中的作用。“更多的国家”和“认识”之间是主动关系,用with + 名词 + 现在分词结构,故选A。
4.【2019·天津卷·单项填空】12.The professor warned tie students that on no account _____________ use mobile phones in his class.
A. should theyB. they should
C. dare theyD. they dare
【解析】考查部分倒装。句意:这位教授警告学生们,在他的课堂上,决不应该使用手机。on no account决不,否定词放在句首,句子使用部分倒装,应该做should do,敢于做dare do,根据句意表示”应该“,故选A。
5.【2019·新课标I卷·语法填空】Modem methods ___of__ tracking polar bear populations have been employed only since the mid-1980s, and are expensive ___64___ (perform) consistently over a large area.
【答案】to perform
【解析】考查非谓语动词。主系表结构之后,常用不定式作原因或目的状语,句意:跟踪北极熊的现代方法只是在二十世纪八十年代以来开始采用,并且在如此大区域内持续采用是昂贵的,故此处用to perform。
6.【2019·新课标I卷·语法填空】Scientists have responded by ___67___ (note) that hungry bears may be congregating(聚集) around human settlements,…
7.【2019·新课标II卷·短文改错】All the football players on the playground cheered loudly, say that I had a talent for football.
【答案】All the football players on the playground cheered loudly, that I had a talent for football.
8.【2019·新课标II卷·语法填空】A 90-year-old has been awarded“Woman Of The Year”for___61___ (be)Britain's oldest full-time employee-still working 40 hours a week.
9.【2019·新课标II卷·语法填空】Picking up her “Lifetime Achievement” award,proud Irene___declared__(declare) she had no plans ___65___ (retire) from her 36-year-old business.
【答案】to retire
【解析】考查不定式作定语。此处用to do sth做后置定语,用来修饰前面的名词plan,表示“……的计划”,故填to retire。
10.【2019·新课标II卷·语法填空】When we got a call ___68___ (say)she was short-listed,we thought it was ___a__ joke.
11.【2019·新课标III卷·语法填空】On our way to the house,it was raining ___so__ hard that we couldn't help wondering how long it would take ___62___ (get)there.
【答案】to get
【解析】考查非谓语。句意:我们忍不住想知道还要多久才能到那里。该句中考查了固定用法:It takes time to do sth.:花时间做某事,该句式中it作形式主语,time做宾语,使用不定式作真正的主语。而句中只是在对宾语时间,用how long 对其进行提问,不影响不定式的使用,故答案为to get。
12.【2019·新课标III卷·语法填空】On the last day of our week-long stay,we _were invited__(invite)to attend a private concert on a beautiful farm on the North Shore under the stars,___70___ (listen)to musicians and meeting interesting locals.
【解析】考查现在分词。本句谓语动词为“were invited”,所以70题空格处动词listen应用非谓语动词形式。听音乐这个动作是由we发出的,所以选用现在分词形式。也可由and前后连接两个并列的结构这一规律解题,and后meeting interesting locals为分词形式,故空格处填listening。
13.【2019·浙江卷·语法填空】When the children are walking or ___59___ (cycle) to school on dark mornings,…
14.【2019·浙江卷·语法填空】But some students didn't want ___63___ (wear) the uniform.
【答案】to wear
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:但是,有一些学生不想穿学生服。want to do sth想要做某事,这里是动词不定式作to的宾语。故填to wear。
15.【2019·北京卷·语法填空】Nervously ___2___ (face) challenges, I know I will whisper to_myself_(I) the two simple words “Be yourself”.
16.【2019·北京卷·语法填空】Earth Day,___4___(mark)on 22 April,is an annual event aiming to raise public awareness about environmental protection.
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:地球日于4月22日举行,是一项旨在提高公众环保意识的年度活动。分析句式可知,设空处是要做名词Earth Day的后置定语,且与其之间是被动关系,要用过去分词。故填marked。
1.【2018·北京】3. _________ along the old Silk Road is an interesting and rewarding experience
A. Travel B. Traveling C. Having traveled D. Traveled
【解析】考查动名词。句意:沿着丝绸之路旅行是一次既有趣又有益的经历。“____ along the old Silk Road”做主语,要用动名词,故B选项正确。
2.【2018·北京】6. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, family members often gather together _________ a meal, admire the moon and enjoy moon cakes.
A. share B. to share C. having shared D. shared
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:在中秋节期间,家人们通常会聚在一起吃饭,赏月,品尝月饼。gather是谓语动词,“_________ a meal, admire the moon and enjoy moon cakes”是状语,家人聚在一起的目的是吃饭,赏月,品尝月饼,表目的用动词不定式,故B选项正确。
3.【2018·北京】10. Ordinary soap, _________ correctly, can deal with bacteria effectively.
A. used B. to use C. using D. use
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:如果正确使用的话,普通的肥皂可以有效地处理细菌。Ordinary soap can deal with bacterial effectively是主句,_________ correctly是条件状语,修饰ordinary soap,ordinary soap和use之间是被动关系,故要用过去分词,A选项正确。
4.【2018·天津】12. I didn't mean ___________anything but the ice cream looked so good that I couldn’t help_______ it.
A. to eat;to try B. eating;trying
C. eating;to try D. to eat;trying
【解析】考查短语固定搭配。句意:我不打算吃任何东西,但冰淇淋看起来如此的好以至于我忍不住的要试一试。固定短语短语mean to do(打算做),couldn’t help doing忍不住做。故选D。
点睛:本题考查动词短语固定搭配。同学在平时学习中要多把握动词不同搭配的不同含义,本题需要区分“mean to do打算做”与“mean doing意味着做”和“can’t help to do sth.不能帮助做”与“couldn’t help doing忍不住做”之间的含义。
5.【2018·天津】7. I need a new passport so I will have to have my photographs___________.
A. taking B. taken
C. being taken D. take
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:我需要一个新护照,所以我将不得不拍照片。本题考查非谓语动词作宾语补足语,宾语my photograph与补足语之间为被动关系,故用过去分词作宾语补足语。C项表示正在进行。故选B。
6.【2018·江苏】26. Around 13,500 new jobs were created during the period, _______ the expected number of 12,000 held by market analysts.
A. having exceeded B. to exceed
C. exceeded D. exceeding
having exceeded强调时间先后,指的是此动作发生在谓语动词create的动作之前;to exceed表示将要超出;exceeded过去分词表示被动。分析句意可知,这里用现在分词作结果状语。
7.【2018·新课标I卷·语法填空】You don’t have to run fast or for long 62 (see) the benefit. You may drink, smoke, be overweight and still reduce your risk of 63 (die) early by running.
【答案】62. to see ;63.dying
【解析】62.考查不定式作目的状语。你不必跑地太快或时间太长就能看到它的好处。此处不定式作目的状语,故填to see。63.考查动名词。你也许喝酒、吸烟或超重,但仍然通过跑步会减少早亡的风险。此处of是介词,其后用动名词。故填dying。
8.【2018·新课标I卷·短文改错】My grandpa said last summer they earned quite a lot by sell the fish.
9.【2018·新课标II卷·语法填空】Another reason for corn's rise: The government encourages farmers to grow corn instead of rice ___64___ (improve) water quality.
【答案】to improve
【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:为了改善水质政府鼓励农民种植玉米而不是大米。没有连词可以且谓语动词是encourages,故improve应该用非谓语动词。此处表示目的,故用不定式。故填to improve。
10.【2018·新课标III卷·语法填空】I quickly lower myself, ducking my head to avoid____64____(look) directly into his eyes so he doesn't feel____65____(challenge).
11.【2018·新课标III卷·短文改错】Everyone was silent, wait to see who would be called upon to read his or her paragraph aloud.
【解析】考查非谓语动词。根据句子成分分析,本句有谓语为was,而且没有连词,与主语是主动关系,所以wait 要用非谓语waiting,表伴随。
12.【2018·浙江卷·语法填空】I still remember 59 (visit) a friend who’d lived here for five years and I was shocked (shock) when I learnt she hadn’t cooked once in all that time.
【解析】此处指我记得去拜访一个在这里住了五年的朋友,表示记得做过某事用remember doing sth.,故填visiting e62c54e2ac5616fa546fa474df41d44.png


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